It is not always possible to resolve disputes without involving the court or an arbitration tribunal. If proceedings cannot be avoided, it is important that you have someone at your side with competence and experience who will confidently support you with your decisions.

The world of courts and arbitration tribunals is often very difficult to understand.

What we offer: Our experience will help you to assess and limit this risk. We will successfully advise and represent you. Prudent legal representation saves costs.

We will take up your cause with our problem-solving but also human approach. In exceptional situations, understanding and readiness to help are just as important for our clients as legal knowledge and experience.

In addition to understanding and precise legal knowledge, the persuasive power of written presentation is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we attach particular importance to concise, succinct and easily understandable language without compromising completeness.

No matter how brilliant a pleading may be, it will fail to have the desired effect if the lawyers do not have the right appearance before the courts and authorities. We are aware of this challenge and for this very reason, we are a valuable support for you not only in court proceedings but also in out-of-court negotiations.