A large part of the economic exchange of services takes place within the legal framework of public law.  Thus, it is often not carried out before the civil courts but before administrative authorities.

Administrative and higher courts restrict themselves to cursory examination of administrative proceedings. They have time – a lot of time. You don’t. You are also under pressure to succeed.

Building and construction, civil engineering, railway construction, road construction, power stations, the construction of airports and the operation of these plants and facilities are governed by an enormous number of individual administrative laws. You will be confronted daily with a confusing jungle of numerous regulations: industrial law, data protection law, energy law, environmental law, capital market law, food law – and you are obliged to know and comply with all these laws. Otherwise, you might be personally liable.

The authorities are also often overstretched, especially since European Law (EU directives and directly applicable EU regulations) is part of our legal system, sometimes immediately applicable and sometimes not directly applicable and implemented by federal laws and/or regulations. In addition, it is supplemented and obscured by state laws and regulations from nine federal states – not to mention the municipalities! Who administers such a flood of regulations? First, the federal government, then the federal states, then the municipalities…

What we offer: Knowing the paths through this bureaucratic jungle is part of our daily business. Business people, as well as managing directors or private individuals who know that they will be advised and represented on a legally solid basis will carry out their activities with legal certainty, and thus with more success.

This is exactly the kind of help we offer you!

As an entrepreneur and investor, you will be challenged with difficult tasks in real estate law, building permit and building law issues, business licences, business premises licences etc. Within complex legal areas that are regulated with numerous provisions – starting with Airbnb projects, other forms of short-term rentals, up to large tourism projects – you usually come into contact with a large number of authorities and political goals. Therefore, the basis of your economic success is prudent and interdisciplinary advice from our lawyers in cooperation with civil engineers, architects, experts, etc. We have – if necessary – such a network at our disposal. We can help you to increase the capitalised value of your real estate and investment property in the best possible way.

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