Claims for damages can arise if you are unlawfully harmed by others. Irrespective, if you are a businessperson, consumer, employer, employee or road user, landlord or tenant, passenger, patient, client of a bank, professional contractor or freelancer etc.,

In the same way, you may be confronted with claims for damages by third parties.

Such and similar claims may be based on a breach of contract or a breach of law.

The state may also be liable to you for unlawful actions, both in the private sector and in the enforcement of the law, and there are also cases of liability without fault.

As a consumer you have increased legal protection in many – often unavoidable – disputes with companies.

The case scenarios giving rise to liability are almost infinite and highly complex.

What we offer: We are committed to ensuring that you are compensated for any damages to which you are entitled, whether off court or by taking advantage of the civil and criminal courts. In the same way, we will fight for you if unjustified claims for damages are pursued against you. Simultaneous and coordinated civil and criminal law measures increase your chances of success. We will advise you in all your legal compensation matters (tort law).

We know and will protect your rights as a consumer as well.

In contrast to other law firms, we have no inhibitions towards banking institutions and insurance companies. Our many years of experience help us to represent your interests against banks and insurance companies, especially in the field of capital market and banking law, financial and insurance contract law and the Consumer Protection Act.

Civil law conflicts often lead to criminal charges. We will also represent you as the injured party in criminal proceedings and defend you as the accused.