The B&S team offers you its all-round service with comprehensive and long-standing expertise in all important areas of commercial law. This includes looking at the bigger picture and considering the entire legal system. If necessary, we can also rely on a network of highly specialised experts to support your concerns.

Commercial, company and corporate law

As a business owner, you have to make far-reaching decisions every day that naturally require legal knowledge. Irrespective, if you are a managing director, chairperson, supervisory board, shareholder, contractual partner or investor.

Litigation before the courts and arbitration tribunals

It is not always possible to resolve disputes without involving the court or an arbitration tribunal. If a proceeding cannot be avoided, it is important that you have someone at your side with competence and experience who will confidently support you with your decisions.

Claims for damages and consumer protection claims in civil and criminal proceedings

Claims for damages can arise if you are unlawfully harmed by others. Irrespective, if you are a businessperson, consumer, employer, employee or road user.

White-collar crime and corruption law

You or your company may be directly or indirectly affected by criminal proceedings or corruption case. Or you have received an unwelcome visit from criminal investigators for a search of your premises.

Constitutional law and protection of civil rights

You have been violated in your civil human rights or your constitutionally-guaranteed rights and/or you are a victim of arbitrariness of the authorities.

Public commercial law – administrative law

A large part of the economic exchange of services takes place within the legal framework of public law.  Thus, it is often not carried out before the civil courts but before administrative authorities.

Railway law

The opening and liberalisation of the railway market is a goal that is being promoted by the European Union.

Building, real estate and housing law

The construction of your own home, purchase of a property, establishment of condominium or the conclusion of a rental contract.


As a businessperson, you are facing more and more rules, standards or guidelines in almost every branch of industry each year.

Contract law

Watertight contracts are indispensable in the world of business. In your interest, they should ensure legal certainty and avoid disputes.

Labor and social law

You need: Contracts, works agreements, interpretation of collective agreements, support with the termination of employment relationships or find yourself in a conflicting situation within the company.