Watertight contracts are indispensable in the world of business. In your interest, they should ensure legal certainty and avoid disputes. Purchase contracts, supply contracts, employment contracts, articles of association – the variety of contracts are varied and multifaceted. They often present a layperson with insoluble problems. This is particularly true for supposedly simple contracts, where even the best sample contract can become a costly stumbling block with unexpected consequences.

What we offer: Contracts must be bespoke and precise so that they meet your individual needs. This requires not only a comprehensive knowledge of the law, but above all straightforward language that is also understandable for those unfamiliar with the law.

Our experience before the state courts benefits our clients when it comes to drafting contracts. Anyone who has fought for compliance with contracts while representing a client will be adept at avoiding the risk of far-reaching, superficial, clichéd formulations in the interests of legal certainty. Naturally, we will also be right at your side should you wish to cancel or contest a contract.