You or your company may be directly or indirectly affected by criminal proceedings or corruption case. Or you have received an unwelcome visit from criminal investigators for a search of your premises and your documents are confiscated or your bank accounts are frozen. Perhaps you have been or are being wiretapped. How can you defend yourself?

Managing directors or board members of corporations, have become an increasing focus of criminal prosecution authorities. In addition to tremendous damage to your reputation, you may be threatened with long proceedings, substantial fines or even imprisonment. We know that anybody can be the target of unjustified criminal charges and prosecution.

What we offer: We will represent both you and your company in white-collar crime and corruption law cases. We will defend you in criminal investigation proceedings and proactively stand up for your rights. We will also act for you before the court at every stage of the main proceedings and appeal proceedings. We will also be at your side in criminal financial proceedings before the courts and tax authorities.

Criminal law relating to business and corruption requires both commercial law and criminal law expertise. One of the greatest strengths of B&S Böhmdorfer Schender Rechtsanwälte GmbH is our ability to combine our expertise in civil commercial and corporate law with criminal law.

This differs us form other law firms that rely on special segmental knowledge of their employees. We follow the opposite approach. For us, specialist knowledge in both areas of law is a prerequisite for effective defence in financial and corruption criminal cases. This holistic view of the legal system increases the chances of success, especially since practical experience in the management of companies is not a requirement for prosecutors and judges.