As a business owner, you have to make far-reaching decisions every day that naturally require legal knowledge. Irrespective, if you are a managing director, chairperson, supervisory board, shareholder, contractual partner or investor. All of this, even in international economic affairs and connected with the risk of personal liability.

What we offer: We will support you in the establishment of companies as well as in day-to-day business, in individual measures and highly complex financial transaction processes, in the conclusion and handling of contracts, disputes with business partners, banks, insurance companies and much more.

This requires not only precise knowledge of Austrian and international company and contract law, but also employment and tax law.

As an agile law firm, we do not provide you with legions of lawyers (unlike many large law firms), instead we deliberately work in individual teams to address your concern.

With us you have priority – including your wallet – as our way of deploying small teams is a more cost-effective and efficient way of doing things.