The construction of your own home, purchase of a property, establishment of condominium or the conclusion of a rental contract – all these processes take place in Austria repeatedly on a daily basis and have one thing in common: At the beginning, there is always the best of amicable agreement between the contracting parties. As a result, the need for careful contract preparation is often underestimated. Property purchases amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros are concluded with simple standard contracts drawn up by a notary public. Rental and apartment ownership contracts provide only the mandatory formalities and even in the case of large construction projects, people often go without a written contract and are content with a mere order confirmation.

The awakening can be rude though. Whether it is a warranty for construction defects, claims for repayment from tenants due to excessive rent, disputed easement rights or disputes with other apartment owners and/or the property manager – the list of possible legal disputes can be continued endlessly. What could have been contractually regulated with relatively little effort must then be litigated in court for many years. Do you want to prevent such legal disputes from the beginning? Are you already involved in a (threatening) legal dispute with your contractual partner and want to know that your rights are being effectively protected?

What we offer: With our expertise and many years of experience, we will take care of real estate transactions and contract negotiations, optimise your contracts and general terms and conditions and advise you in advance on what you should pay attention to when concluding a deal. This applies equally to people in business, clients, apartment owners, property managers and tenants. We will represent you in all instances in court and administrative proceedings and will work to ensure that you obtain your rights quickly and cost-effectively. To this end, we cooperate with technical experts and renowned experts from the respective technical fields who are consulted on a case-by-case basis in order to argue and substantiate your position in the procedure in the best possible way. Our clients rightly expect solutions that are both financially sensible and legally watertight. This is exactly what we do every day!