The opening and liberalisation of the railway market is a goal that is being promoted by the European Union.

Private train companies must be specifically protected against discrimination and arbitrariness by federal railway operators. However, access to this market is still very limited and subject to its own liability rules.

What we offer: As one of the few law firms in this country, B&S Böhmdorfer Schender Rechtsanwälte GmbH has proven its expertise in this specialised field. We will represent you in administrative proceedings before the Ministry of Transport (BMVIT) as the railway authority, the regulatory authority Schienen-Control Kommission (SCK) as well as in tender award procedures and the enforcement of your rights before civil and criminal courts as well as before the European Court of Justice. We are just as familiar with European directives and regulations as we are with the Austrian Railway Act. Issues pertaining to competition law for competing train companies are also of great importance here. We have been successfully supporting private train companies for many years and would be happy to share our experience with you.