As a businessperson, you are facing more and more rules, standards or guidelines in almost every branch of industry each year. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult and complex to organise companies in accordance with these rules and regulations. However, if you do not do this, you are not “compliant” so there is a high risk of civil or criminal proceedings.

What we offer: We will help you to set up the right compliance structure for your company. One of the key tasks is to proactively identify risks and ensure that actions are taken in compliance with the law, which also will withstand subsequent review by criminal authorities. In close cooperation with management, we will identify potential risks, propose strategies for action and support your company in their implementation.

We will develop a bespoke compliance programme for your company and advise you as a trouble-shooter, also on a case-by-case basis. Nevertheless, should there be any complaints, we will, of course, represent you before the authorities and courts.